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May 12, 1999

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Epizod, the Pet of the Day
Name: Epizod
Age: Twenty years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Purebred Arabian Stallion
Home: Marathon, New York, USA
   *Epizod is a very special stallion. I bought him in 1993 through a bankruptcy sale. The day I got him he was near death from neglect and he was also dehydrated and covered with sores from caked on manure and his eyes were very dull. I promised him that this would never happen to him again. By 10 o'clock that night the sparkle had come back to his eyes and through the help of my wonderful vet and farrier they helped me to bring him back to what he looks like in this picture. *Epizod is the kindest stallion I know and he loves to perform at Liberty to music for the pleasure of the crowd!!! *Epizod is the sire of Ally the featured pet from May 1, 1999.

    *Epizod also loves lemon flavored animal cookies and almost speaks human when he knows you have them with you! *Epizod is better known than I am! He has pen pals all over the United States and Canada and when the mail comes addressed to *Epizod, Marathon, NY, the Post Office always delivers it! I feel very fortunate to have this wonderful stallion in my life!

    (The * means he is imported from Poland. It's not pronounced.)

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