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May 8, 1999

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Dude, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dude
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Degu
Home: Vineland, Ontario, Canada
   This is Dude. He's a degu from South America and is three years old. Dude and I live in Vineland, Ontario, Canada.

    Dude is special because if you talk to him he will chatter back to you just like he is carrying on a conversation with you. His best friends are my two guinea pigs, Nicki and Ginger. He calls to them and gets very lonely if he can't see them in their cage. Dude's favorite activity is to run in his wheel. He puts a million miles on that thing and has never been farther than his cage! His favorite snack is a peanut in the shell.

    Dude is a bit bigger than a large gerbil is the best I can do for size. I think he must be related to the guinea pig in some way because he has the same nose and face. My daughter wanted him originally but he has ended up being mine now. He doesn't get out a lot because he can go like lightening and be very hard to catch! He's OK as long as you don't put him down. Not litter trained or, being a man, even house broken! He is a lot of fun and I enjoy listening to him sing his whistling song while he runs in his wheel which he puts about a million miles on. He's going somewhere but we aren't sure where yet.

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