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May 6, 1999

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Boomer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Boomer
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Alpaca
Home: Deer Trail, Colorado, USA
   Hi! This is our male alpaca whose name is Boomer! He is two years old. He resides in Deer Trail, Colorado, USA. Alpacas are cute, fuzzy wool-bearing animals that are part of the camelid family. Boomer is our "project" alpaca. Whenever we are in the barn, feeding other animals or cleaning up the "poop" he is right behind us, making sure we do the job right. He is always smiling and very friendly to all who stop by to see him. His fleece is very soft and dense and is sheared once a year. Alpacas don't make any loud noises but they hum to each other. The hum is very soothing to listen to, especially on a quiet country night. We take him for walks around the block. All the neighbors love to see him on the way to our mailbox.

    He is full grown and is a bit on the short side, probably about five feet tall. Most adults are a few inches taller. The picture was taken at two years old and about six months after shearing. He now looks like a giant cotton ball and is ready for shearing again. Alpacas get sheared once a year, usually in late spring. Alpacas eat grass hay or pasture grass, along with minerals (specially designed just for Alpacas!) and just a little bit of grain each day. They only eat about a flake of grass a day, if that much. Alpacas are very low maintenance and don't mind the cold weather.

    If you would like to see more pics of Boomer and his buddies, visit our alpaca site.

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