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May 3, 1999

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Sydney, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sydney
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Blue and Gold Macaw
Home: Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
   We have had Sydney since he was a baby and he has been a part of our day-to-day lives, spending each evening in our living room on his perch eating and hurling comments continuously. Sydney is a real character who wins your heart when you get acquainted. One of his special characteristics is his uncanny timing with his vocabulary. He will say hello when you walk into the bird room or when he is out in the living room and when something happens he says "WOW" or will ask "how are you?" He reverts back to being a baby frequently and is very affectionate with my wife and will bury his head on her shoulder and soak up gentle scratching on his neck and the top of his head.

    Syd loves to perform and the more attention he gets the more the show goes on, he loves to hang by his beak and wiggle his toes which always gets a laugh especially when we have guests as he seems to love the appreciation of an audience. When he hears laughter he immediately joins in and has good laugh too which is infectious. Amongst his many tricks he will reach for a ring that hangs from a chain and he jumps on and swings way out screaming "WOW" as he swings. When Syd thinks he may have caused offense or is in the dog house he will repeatedly say "hello" as he learned that word first and received such positive feed back when he got it right, he is checking to see that all is ok. His size is special as he is by far the largest blue & gold Macaw we have seen and his colors are truly spectacular. Feathers are colorless with an ability to refract light to produce the various colors that each bird species possess. If you need more info I will try to provide more or you want info in a specific area let me know. I will nominate the rest of the family at some point and you will see what a jungle this home has become.

    Persons interested in a parrot as a pet should think carefully before purchasing a macaw, they are very loud and take a lot of care, there are other species, that in my opinion are more suited to a person's pet needs who cannot devote the time and work required. Parrots are great pets but many are expelled from their settings because the owners are not aware of the realities of owning a parrot. They are intelligent birds and suffer greatly when neglected, they live a long time and cost $$$ to keep, house and care for, so consider a Parrot carefully before jumping in for the sake of the birds. Make no mistake we love Syd and he is here to stay along with the other three birds we have. We love Syd and will stick it out, as he has to mellow with age, right?? A friend of ours runs a refuge for unwanted birds and when I visit the rows of Macaws that are not wanted, it breaks my heart.

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