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May 2, 1999

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Clyde, the Pet of the Day
Name: Clyde
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gold Abbysinnian
Home: Somerset, England, Great Britain
   Clyde is my first guinea pig, I bought him when I was 20. He is named after a Scottish radio station. This creature is very special. When I went to buy my guinea pig there were two Abbysinnian brothers in the pet shop, one was dark brown, and this golden brown with the most beautiful big brown eyes waiting at the front of the cage as if he knew I was going to buy him. I fell in love with him on the spot, and paid the deposit on him, and collected him the following day.

    I knew there was something special about Clyde. Over the weeks he took to my mother, who is now his "favorite person." He will run straight over to her, or do what it takes; using teeth, jumping or nose butting, then he will settle on Mum's left shoulder where he will stay for ages totally relaxed and gurgles away in her ear. He totally defies books written about guinea pigs - he loves loud noises, and he isn't afraid of dogs, the only place he comes across them is at the vets.

    It became apparent that Clyde is psychic. He knows when my mother is coming home, and waits for her. When she was in hospital for a couple of days, he cried all night (at the time he was living outside). He came indoors for his cuddle, and started watching the telephone, he made a percolating sound, then seconds later the phone rang, Clyde was all excited - he knew it was his "favorite person" on the other end.

    We thought we lost him last year when he broke his teeth. We thought he had broken them at the roots and it was touch and go as he was anesthetized for his xray. We left him at the vets, and came home and cried, even Heathcliff, our house rabbit at the time sat underneath the glass cabinet, worried about his guinea pig friend (Heathcliff died last year). Fortunately, he had just broken his teeth, and needed to be clipped. He had to stay in overnight at the vets in an incubator to keep him warm. Clyde recovered from his ordeal, and thanks to a complete guinea pig food with vitamin C his teeth are ok. I am sure he hung on for us, because he knew that we were upset. We don't know how he managed to break his teeth, we thought he did it on his water bottle. We found out the food he was having did not have any vitamin C in, so we changed to a complete food with vitamins and minerals in. He's always had his veggies and occasional piece of fruit though. His teeth are fine now (and sharp!).

    We have five guinea pigs in total, they are all special in their way, but they will never match Clyde. (Two of them are related to him as nephews several generations removed.)

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