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March 28, 1999

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Keiko Chue Eastman, Carmel and Twizzler, the Pet of the Day
Name: Keiko Chue Eastman
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Crossbred Rabbit
Home: Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA
   This is my pet Rabbit, Keiko. His full name is Keiko Chue Eastman, he is a Dwarf Crossbred Rabbit (Russian/White-tipped black).

    I love Keiko very much; he's a very important part of my entire family's life. My whole life I've heard stories about my parents' rabbits, and the amazing adventures they've had together. As a little girl I used to beg for my own rabbit, but to no avail, because of my older sister's serious allergic reaction to rabbits. Finally, one day, my sister left for college. By that time I was eleven years old and I was starting to realize that I wasn't going to get a rabbit. Imagine my surprise when my parents asked me whether I'd want to take on the responsibility of one! Ecstatic at my little dream having come true, I said yes. Little did I know just what a joy he'd bring to our lives.

    He might not be a big, lovable, dog, but it makes no difference. I'll never regret bringing him home that summer night. He runs around our house with a spirit like no others, and when I see his little nose pushing through a crack in my door, it makes me smile. He lies down and sits still while I stroke him when I'm sad, and when he keeps me company while I read. He's a great companion when I go to the park, even if he has to stay on a leash to avoid running away if frightened!

    My father jokingly calls him a peabrain, but Keiko acts like he knows everything! (Although we all know he's not really reading when he turns the pages of T.V. Guide with his mouth). I know, though, that he's always obedient and never bites anyone, even small children that stick their fingers in his nose. All in all, he's one of my best friends, even if he can't say so. Visit Keiko's website.

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