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March 27, 1999

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Reese, Licorice, Carmel and Twizzler, the Pet of the Day
Name: Reese, Licorice,
Carmel and Twizzler
Age: One year, One year,
Nine months, Nine months old
Gender: Female, Female, Male, Male
Kind: Guinea pigs: American, Abyssinian,
Silkie, Satin Silkie
Home: Naperville, Illinois, USA
   We live in Naperville, IL and these are my guinea pigs. From right to left... Reese, Licorice, Carmel and Twizzler. They are also known as the Candy Crew. Reese, an American and Licorice, an Abby are girls and a little over a year old. They love to cuddle. Carmel and Twizzler are brothers and only nine months old. I can't wait to get home from school to hold them. Carmel, a silkie loves to cuddle too. Twizzler, a satin silkie would rather you not bother him unless you have food then you're OK. I have three different kinds of guinea pigs here and only wish I had more room. They are great pets and love to be held. They all love to ring bells too. Sometimes I have to take the bells out of their cages so I can sleep.

    We started out with one guinea pig we got from a pet store. Well, Sam died less than a month later and my daughter was devastated. I decided to look for a breeder which I found and a lady whom I met over the Internet. Both ladies had babies so we got one from each breeder. We got Licorice first and then Reese two days later. They became great pets and when the one breeder was moving out of state I went over to say by and came home with Carmel and Twizzler the boys. I keep the boys together and the girls in another cage. They never fight (knock on wood) and they each have very different personalities. Licorice is my sweetie of the girls. She always comes over and kisses my on my check and wants me to pick her up and hold her. Reese is the laid back one. She will let you dress her and do what ever you want. Carmel is my Romeo. He loves to cuddle up under your chin or on your neck. He also raises up on his hind legs to greet us. Twizzler is the shyest one of all. He squeals like mad when Carmel isn't in sight. Twizzler would rather stay in his cage and not be held but he doesn't have a choice.

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