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March 18, 1999

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Snoball, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snoball
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino Bennett Wallaby
Home: St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
   This little doll is our second marsupial addition to the family. We have a three-year-old Walleroo named Roo, who has brightened our lives so much! We really missed having a baby around the house so when we saw this little angel we just had to have him! Little joeys (baby kangeroos) are so needy and loving that they are more like having a child than a pet. Our little Snoball holds your hand when you feed him his bottle of formula and he even wears diapers! Unlike puppies, our little angels never bark or chew up the furniture and they eat grass so there's never any messy food or stinky poops. By far the best thing about my kangeroos is the love they give. Their gentle sweetness is not like any other animal I have ever known. Snoball somersaults into his little pillowcase (which he thinks is his mother's pouch) and sleeps for hours. We love to take him everywhere with us!

    Ten years ago the market for kangaroos coming to the US was for raising for a meat product. The exotic market brought very high prices. After ten years the industry realized there would never be a market for roo meat in the states due to how adored they are, like Bambi. At that point lots of roos were in the states, at exotic farms and reproducing. That's how they got here. They still remain relatively expensive at least $1000 for a handled one. Kangaroos are very social. They bond very deeply with their mothers. When bred in captivity the female roo has a tendency to throw the joey too early in order to make room for conceiving another joey. Most hairless babies die if the breeder does not find it soon enough. SnoBall was a hairless baby when the breeder found him. The breeder has upwards of 60 roos of five different species. To bottle feed each new joey on a rigid schedule is tough. I bought my first Roo from her three years ago, so when we saw tiny little Snoball we were very happy to adopt him. He is an albino Bennet Wallaby which is very rare. He is also probably the most affectionate animal we've ever had.

    My husband and I have our exotic animal licence. We have a lot of space and about 25 different animals. We have lots of people come by just to see roo grazing in the yard. We love and care for all of our critters. We feel we give them a better life than they would otherwise have. It's a lot of responsibility but they are a constant source of love and entertainment, and they never disappoint you.

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