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March 16, 1999

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Niles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Niles
Age: Three years eight months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fischer's Lovebird
Home: Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
   Niles is three years and eight months old. She is a Fischer's lovebird. Niles is special for many reasons. She was named prior to my discovering that she was in fact a female. I discovered this when she laid her first egg! She is quite a nest builder. Her nest is in a nest box, which she accesses via a three-foot long wrapping paper tube that she uses as a tunnel. The tube fits into the entrance hole in the nest box, so it works perfectly. She also registers her disapproval of my talking on the telephone by grunting into the phone at whoever I am conversing with. Despite somehow swallowing metal shavings, she has managed to break down the harmful zinc in those metals and she is now thriving. Her hobbies include eating grapes, shredding paper for her nest, and bathing in the kitchen sink.

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