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March 11, 1999

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Harry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harry
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chipmunk
Home: Uddevalla, Sweden
   Harry is my pet chipmunk and he is a wonderful animal. I saw this little baby chipmunk at my friend's house (they had him from the beginning) and she did not have time for him so I bought him. The first months with Harry were very hard because I did not have any information about chipmunks. On the internet I found some information but mostly on wild chipmunks, so our website tries to give more information on chipmunks.

    When I bought Harry he was about three months old and he was very shy to begin with. He would hide himself when I came near him. But after a couple of months he started to get used to coming to my hand for food reward. And after a time he would come when I called after him then he came and climbed on my shoulder. He has always been curious on what I'm doing and likes to follow me around the apartment. If I get any new things at home they are all inspected thoroughly. Chipmunks are very curious animals and it's not hard to tame them if you have time and patience.

    My Harry has new funny ideas every day I can sit and study him for hours. He is very fond of all sorts of material, especially towels. When he was little he rolled and jumped in them as if he was a living bouncing ball. I was surprised over how high he could jump. And chipmunks are very good climbers and can run 12 km an hour, so sometimes it can be hard for the eye to follow him. He loves the camera!!! When the camera is out he does many funny things. So, it is kind of easy to get photos of him now. I'm going to do more with my site in the future, new photos and how you can build a cage (have already started with it) so you are welcome to see us in the future if you want.

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