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March 9, 1999

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Kalaya, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kalaya
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Mollucan Cockatoo
Home: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
   Kalaya is a one-year-old Mollucan Cockatoo. He lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His species comes from the Mollucan Islands in Indonesia. Kalaya loves to dance around, bobbing his head back and forth while he chatters noisily. He is very playful, and enjoys running around the house with his best friend, our pet Chihuahua. Kalaya was sick as a baby, and could have died. Luckily, steps were taken to make him healthy again, and now he is very strong and active. But, Kalaya is still a big baby. Because of his sickness, he learned to do things at a slower pace, like eating seeds and nuts. Kalaya is still learning how to crack open nuts to enjoy the tasty treats inside.

    Large parrots love to shred wood with their powerful beaks, and Kalaya had this trick figured out long ago. We give him huge wooden toys to tear up, and he shreds through them within a week. Sometimes he outsmarts us and will cut through ropes that hold several large wooden blocks; the thud from the blocks dropping to the bottom of his cage can be heard upstairs! Kalaya can be visited at his web site where he tells more about himself and his family.

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