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March 6, 1999

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Kia, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kia
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Iguana
Home: Tel-Aviv, Israel
   Kia is the smartest iguana. She knows who her owners are and when I call her she comes to me. Kia is three years old and 102 cm. long. We live together for a year and three months, and we are always together. Her favorite food is pumpkin and eggs, and she loves tofu too. She doesn't care if people look at her when she is eating. She likes to climb on everything including my shoulder and my head. She has a "terrarium" (this is an aquarium for reptiles or plants) where she sleeps at night and plays when I am in school, then I release her at home and she gets around.

    In her terrarium there is an ultraviolet light that makes heat like the sun and there Kia basks. Her food is: lettuce, cabbage, parsley, corn, cucumber, zucchini, alfalfa, apples, and many many more fruits and vegetables. She likes to sleep wherever she can, and she loves very much to take a bath. Her skin is very beautiful green/yellow and her color changes according to her mood. Her stomach is full of blue and black lines, and she has a very long tail. And a year ago she had little iguana babies. She gives me love and affection but she really really hates my brother.

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