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Mr. Krinkle the Chinchilla Mr. Krinkle
Queens, New York, USA
March 01, 1999

Joey the Grey Cockatiel Joey
Grey Cockatiel
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada
March 02, 1999

Max the Hermann's Tortoise Max
Hermann's Tortoise
Pennsylvania, USA
March 03, 1999

Agape the Illiger's Macaw Agape
Illiger's Macaw
Washington, USA
March 04, 1999

Mr. Snake the Red Tailed Boa Mr. Snake
Red Tailed Boa
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
March 05, 1999

Kia the Green Iguana Kia
Green Iguana
Tel-Aviv, Israel
March 06, 1999

Porkchop the Teddy Guinea Pig Porkchop
Teddy Guinea Pig
New Jersey, USA
March 07, 1999

Pokey the Hedgehog Pokey
British Columbia, Canada
March 08, 1999

Kalaya the Mollucan Cockatoo Kalaya
Mollucan Cockatoo
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
March 09, 1999

Zoe the Chinchilla Zoe
Glasgow, Scotland
March 10, 1999

Harry the Chipmunk Harry
Uddevalla, Sweden
March 11, 1999

Spinelli the Rose Spinelli
Lisle, Illinois, USA
March 12, 1999

Rizzo the Hooded Rat Rizzo
Hooded Rat
Markham, Ontario, Canada
March 13, 1999

Kes the Agutti Guinea Pig Kes
Agutti Guinea Pig
Oakton, Virginia, USA
March 14, 1999

Sophie the Pot Sophie
Indiana, USA
March 15, 1999

Niles the Fischer's Lovebird Niles
Fischer's Lovebird
Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA
March 16, 1999

Quatsi, Cihua the Green Iguanas Quatsi, Cihua
Green Iguanas
Walton Co., Florida, USA
March 17, 1999

Snoball the Albino Bennett Wallaby Snoball
Albino Bennett Wallaby
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
March 18, 1999

Mustard the Albino Horned Frog Mustard
Albino Horned Frog
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
March 19, 1999

Tommy the Cockatiel Tommy
Cochrane, Ontario, Canada
March 20, 1999

Cow, Tuffie the Guinea Pigs Cow, Tuffie
Guinea Pigs
San Diego, California, USA
March 21, 1999

Squeakerz the Teddy Bear Hamster Squeakerz
Teddy Bear Hamster
Landers, California, USA
March 22, 1999

Angel the Triton Cockatoo Angel
Triton Cockatoo
British Columbia, Canada
March 23, 1999

Joanna the Green Iguana Joanna
Green Iguana
Sofia, Bulgaria
March 24, 1999

Val the Quarter Horse Val
Quarter Horse
Texas, USA
March 25, 1999

Stephanie the Argente Cream Gerbil Stephanie
Argente Cream Gerbil
Long Island, New York, USA
March 26, 1999

Reese, Licorice, Carmel, Twizzler the Guinea Pigs Reese, Licorice, Carmel, Twizzler
Guinea Pigs
Naperville, Illinois, USA
March 27, 1999

Keiko the Dwarf Crossbred Rabbit Keiko
Dwarf Crossbred Rabbit
Fairfax Station, Virginia, USA
March 28, 1999

Timex the Mule, Belgian horse mix Timex
Mule, Belgian horse mix
Monroe Center, Ohio, USA
March 29, 1999

Leonardo, Michaelangelo the Red Leonardo, Michaelangelo
Migdal Ha Emek, Israel
March 30, 1999

Hal the Green Iguana Hal
Green Iguana
Marysville, Washington, USA
March 31, 1999

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