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June 30, 1999

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Stormy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Stormy
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Bred Race Horse
Home: Athens, Michigan, USA
   Stormy is a five or six year old standard bred race horse (retired). He joined our family of critters in the early fall of last year. An Amish friend of ours bought him at an auction. The first owners were retiring him because he kept coming up lame, and he was sold to us for the same reason. We had his shoes removed and he's been doing fine ever since. He loves to run and he's so fast that our buggy will fish-tail wildly because it can't take the speed! He hates to be passed but accepts being passed by motor vehicles. He loves to eat yogurt, potatoes, apples, bread and just about anything that breaks up his usual diet of hay, corn and grazing.

    We recently gave Stormy to my sister and niece, shown in this picture along with my husband who is checking Storm's feet, before taking horse and buggy out for a cruise. However, since they live in the city, Stormy will stay with us on our farm, and we will continue to use and care for him, along with all our other animals, two other horses and a mule!

    Stormy not only pulls the buggy, he can also be ridden bareback or saddled. He's a double gaited horse and he enjoys a good curry and treat after he's had to work. He has a very sweet nature, and loves to be fussed over and petted. And, I'm so glad we added him to our small herd. We live in Athens, Michigan on a small 65 acre farm where we do things as old-fashionedly as is possible now-a-days. Stormy makes it possible for us to go to town quickly and you just couldn't ask for a better behaved animal than he is.

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