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June 24, 1999

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Freckles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Freckles
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Appaloosa
Home: California, USA
   I think my pet is special because he taught me how to respect a horse. Freckles taught me to respect a horse at all times. He also taught me how to train him! He did! He would always tell me if I was doing something wrong. I feel in my live the best trainer is your own horse. I've been working with so many trainers and non of them helped me. Only my horse did. He was getting mistreated by my trainer when I wasn't there to see it but sure enough he told me something was totally wrong. Now he's almost back to normal and back on the right track. He's gonna be one of the best horses i've ever owned. He loves to rest his head on my shoulders and have a nice hug. He loves attention all the time. Me and Freckles always kick back in his stall after a nice workout and just hang out together and bond. When we first got him he was a mess! He was skinny. You could see his bones all over, from his ribs to his hip bones. My Mom gave him to me because she couldn't handle him and I got him in shape and looking good again. Me and Freckles are the perfect pair together. Now I'm teaching him to jump and I've never jumped on a horse before but for me and Freckles it's our first time together. He's doing just great! I love Freckles so much! (the picture above is of me at my first pony ride at the fair and my horse, Freckles, at his first show. This was my second show because I used my dad's horse the first time. As you can see he's not skinny anymore!

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