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June 18, 1999

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Wilma, the Pet of the Day
Name: Wilma
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgie
Home: Bochum, Germany
   Hello, my name is Wilma. I live in Bochum, Germany and I'm about four years old. I'm the neighbor of Paule, who was Pet of the Day in October last year. It wasn't nice that Paule sent his application in before me, because I lived here before him with my husband Freddy. My owners often say to me that I'm too fat. This picture was taken when I was a young bird but you can already see a little belly (now it's bigger). Because of that my owners developed special training for me to loose weight. Besides that I have to eat diet-food. I think that is nonsense. I agree with my doctor Mr. Wunderlich who said that my technique of flying is terrible ("she flies like a wet sand sack with wings").

    My husband, Freddy, on the left in the photo, is a real beauty. He becomes depressed when he looses his beard-points. Already in his youth he wanted to go to bird's-eye views to start a career as model. At present we are rearing a little bird baby named Mariechen. She is very sinewy. But I'm happy that she came without egg-shell, so that I don't have to brood. Ciao. Wilma

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