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June 14, 1999

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Winner, the Pet of the Day
Name: Winner
Age: Two and a half months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Clydesdale
Home: Minnesota, USA
   I would like to nominate my baby horse, Drafty Hill Royal Winterstrum ("Winner") who is two hours old in this picture. There was a miracle in my barn on Sat, March 27th. At 5:30 AM, my Clydesdale mare, DeeDee gave birth to this beautiful little colt!! Before he was even dry, he was up and enjoying his first meal. Afterward, Mom and baby laid down and took a nap. Today, he is four days old. He is already galloping around - kicking, bucking and rearing. He even jumped a hay bale!! He has a ball to play with and it is fun just watching him. He is very curious and friendly, and "helps" me every time I do chores!! This is the first horse foal born here at our farm. Besides the mare, we have a Clyde gelding, Shetland ponies, and assorted exotic animals, including llamas, mini horse, a wallaby and others!!!

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