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June 10, 1999

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Bill, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bill
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: English Lop Rabbit
Home: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
   When I went looking for a new pet, I decided to go to a local pet store that carried many small animals. I had never been to the one that I selected (thankfully its now out of business) and when I went in I understood why. It was filthy! There were gerbils, guinea pigs, and birds stuffed into tiny cages that were at capacity. They were actually standing on top of each other because there was no floor space in the cage! There was also a "reptile room" in the rear with aquariums filled with all types of reptiles and large spiders. Everything was incredibly dirty and the place smelled horrible! In the midst of all this, in the "reptile room", stood a huge floppy eared rabbit! I couldn't believe it - in the middle of the "reptile room!"

    When we asked about him, the woman told us that a young girl had dropped him off because she had developed allergies to him. He looked so sad standing in the middle of the filthy room that I just knew that he was going home with me. I went back the next day to "rescue" him and the woman told me that she had been taking him home with her at night (she had three huge Labs) and that he never moved from her boyfriend's lap. Well no wonder! He was probably terrified of the dogs! I couldn't believe that someone that owned a pet store could be so stupid and careless.

    Anyhow, we brought him home and he has ruled the house ever since. He has plumped up nicely since moving in (he was a little on the thin side) and is treated like a king. He has the most wonderful temperament - he never bites or scratches and is great around strangers. I can't seem to remember not having him around - its amazing how relaxing it is just having him there, he's the best stress buster around!

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