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June 4, 1999

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April, the Pet of the Day
Name: April
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Pony Of The Americas (POA)
Home: Gilbert, Arizona, USA
   April is a wonderful girl. She greets everyone as they come into the stable yard and loves galloping around the paddock with the other yearling, Billy (also her half-brother). The picture above was taken fall/winter '98. Since then, she has grown and has very long legs, which is perfect because she is going to be my jumper. She's gorgeous when she stands square, her ears pricked. She is very talkative and lets you know if you forgot to give her a treat or say hi to her. She's a well behaved lady in the trailer, on the lead, and around home. This summer April will begin her intense training...the saddle. We know she'll be okay because she's very smart & in-tune with things. April loves to be groomed...she'll stand in her paddock while we brush her and if we stop she'll follow us around the paddock until we start brushing her again.

    She's already been to shows and has taken several halter championships. She's got a fluid trot and a gorgeous canter and we know she'll be an amazing english show pony in a year or two! April's registered name is DJ's Mad About You, which is perfect. Everyone loves her and, most importantly, she loves everyone. April is a gorgeous filly with a big career ahead of her...english, western, showing, halter, breeding... we know she'll be great. Not only in the show ring, but in everyone's hearts.

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