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Ripken the Nanday Conure Ripken
Nanday Conure
Clearwater, Florida, USA
June 01, 1999

Priscilla the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Priscilla
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
June 02, 1999

Caesar the Albino Ferret Caesar
Albino Ferret
Florida, USA
June 03, 1999

April the Pony Of The Americas (POA) April
Pony Of The Americas (POA)
Gilbert, Arizona, USA
June 04, 1999

Astro the Goffins Cockatoo Astro
Goffins Cockatoo
North Carolina, USA
June 05, 1999

Hamlet the Fancy Hamster Hamlet
Fancy Hamster
Pennsylvania, USA
June 06, 1999

Kaleb the Chinese Water Dragon Kaleb
Chinese Water Dragon
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
June 07, 1999

ET, Hercules the African Spurred Tortoise ET, Hercules
African Spurred Tortoise
South Florida, USA
June 08, 1999

Chubb the Parakeet Chubb
South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
June 09, 1999

Bill the English Lop Rabbit Bill
English Lop Rabbit
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA
June 10, 1999

Zena the Ferret Zena
New York, New York, USA
June 11, 1999

Mr. Angel the Golden Agouti Mr. Angel
Golden Agouti
Portland, Oregon, USA
June 12, 1999

Sadie the Pacific Parrotlet Sadie
Pacific Parrotlet
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
June 13, 1999

Winner the Clydesdale Winner
Minnesota, USA
June 14, 1999

Amy the Day Gecko Amy
Day Gecko
San Francisco, USA
June 15, 1999

Tigger the Ferret Tigger
Missouri, USA
June 16, 1999

KV Renegade the Quarter Horse KV Renegade
Quarter Horse
California, USA
June 17, 1999

Wilma the Budgie Wilma
Bochum, Germany
June 18, 1999

Petunia the Mini Petunia
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
June 19, 1999

Rascal the Alexandrine Parakeet Rascal
Alexandrine Parakeet
Wynne, Arkansas, USA
June 20, 1999

Groundhog, Oscar the Comet, Koi Groundhog, Oscar
Comet, Koi
New Hampshire, USA
June 21, 1999

Ginny the Peaches and cream Ginny
Peaches and cream
California, USA
June 22, 1999

Jewel the Congo African Grey Parrot Jewel
Congo African Grey Parrot
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
June 23, 1999

Freckles the Appaloosa Freckles
California, USA
June 24, 1999

Tsi the na Tsi
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
June 25, 1999

Harmony the Sable Coated Ferret Harmony
Sable Coated Ferret
Florida, USA
June 26, 1999

Goldberg the Angora Rabbit Goldberg
Angora Rabbit
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
June 27, 1999

Bashful the Abbysinian, Shorthaired Bashful
Abbysinian, Shorthaired
Pennsylvania, USA
June 28, 1999

Bellinda, Bella the Miniature Lop Bellinda, Bella
Miniature Lop
England, United Kingdom
June 29, 1999

Stormy the Race Horse Stormy
Race Horse
Athens, Michigan, USA
June 30, 1999

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