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July 29, 1999

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Nexus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nexus
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Royal (Ball) Python
Home: Austin, Texas, USA
   This is our ball python, Nexus (or as we lovingly refer to him as Mr. 'Nakie). We've only had him for about two months now, but he's very gentle and calm. He'll usually just wrap himself around my hand and stay put or if he gets bored slither up and crawl around on my shoulder. I'm not worried yet since he's still only about 18" long so he can't do much harm.

    I was very apprehensive about getting a snake, as they are by far not my favorite animal and I've always been slightly afraid of them, even though they interest me. But after some logical thoughts from my fiance about how calm the ball pythons are, we decided to try one out, and I'm quite glad we did. He may not be our most exciting pet to watch, but he's definitely one of our more interesting ones in general.

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