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July 28, 1999

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Zachary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zachary
Age: Thirteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Amazon Parrot
Home: Santa Barbara, California, USA
   Zach is special because he can have conversations with people, give kisses when you ask for it, say night night when he's ready to go to bed, and good morning when I take his cage covers off every morning. He's lovebug! Zach is a year and a month old. He's about fifteen inches from head to tail. Over time the yellow on his head will intensify down to his neck.

    He loves to play with all kinds of toys, whether it's his own, human's, dog's and has a way of making non-toys a toy! He hasn't learnt any fancy tricks yet except to give me a kiss when I ask him to and will lay on his back as I tickle his stomach! He sings and talks and seems to learn new words each day. I do teach him songs and phrases by singing the same songs to him until he gets sings along and using words to associate with actions and keeping them consistent. When I am busy doing things around this house, he watches videos of Sesame Street "children's favorite songs" and other ones, as well as Disney movies. He loves the voices and songs in those tapes and that's also where he picks up his words, phrases and song lyrics. He's special in all those ways but most of all it's because of how much I feel that he loves me and vice versa. I look forward to seeing him every morning and it's nothing like uncovering his cage and receiving a loud and cheery "good morning!" from him, asking for a kiss and he bends forward and give me one with a loud kissy noise, lifts up his foot and says "wanna come? step up!" when he sees me walking towards him, and the joy I get in massaging his head and neck and hear him purr like a cat! He also takes showers with me on a shower perch and will happily say "wheeeee" and "Goooood" until the shower is done! He's my little baby and a very special one in my life!

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