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July 22, 1999

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Rakker, the Pet of the Day
Name: Rakker
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Budgie
Home: The Netherlands
   I love him so much because he talks a lot. My budgie Rakker is about four years old. I got him directly out of a nestbox and so he became very tame. Soon I heard that he could talk and now he talks whole sentences!! He always likes to sit on my shoulder, hates bells which could ring, loves millet, mirrors and especially my lovebird. Every day he comes out of his cage to play with me and my lovebird Pucky. Sometimes he gives Pucky seed, yes!! That's so cute to see.

    He loves to eat apples... if he is eating it, I can clean the whole cage, my window, my blinds etc., LOL! But it's okay... it is healthy to give your bird fruit... he also eats cucumber, so he's a healthy baby.

    When Pucky came home Rakker was immediately curious about that new bird. At first he was a bit jealous but after a while, when he saw that I still was paying as much as attention to him as to her he adjusted. Rakker is always very on his own, if you know what I mean. At this moment I do have a guest budgie but if there is another bird he always wants to play with it, he 's very enthusiastic! You'll find more about my bird at my website.

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