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July 20, 1999

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Tony, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tony
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Eared Turtle
Home: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
   Tony is a cool turtle. He is getting bigger and bigger every day. When he first came home, he was tiny, now, not so tiny. I can hardly hold him with one hand anymore! I don't mind though. He enjoys eating, swimming, and being showered by his waterfall filter. He hated to be out of water, he tries to find wet places when he is not fully submerged. Tony enjoys taunting our cat, he will swim and splash around in his tank when he knows the cat is watching him, just to bug him as I am sure he knows that the cat can not get him! Tony is special just because he is a silly turtle, watching us and swimming to follow us as we walk by him.

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