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July 17, 1999

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Patches, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patches
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Abyssinian
Home: Swanton, Ohio, USA
   This is Patches, he is an Abyssinian guinea pig. He is about four months old now. Patches and I live in Swanton, Ohio along with 57 other guinea pigs.

    As you can see Patches loves corn on the cob. He will eat that whole piece by himself and it will be the cleanest cob you could ever imagine when he is done. Patches and all his other guinea pig family all get a midnight snack every day, and corn is one of them, but Patches likes to be taken out of his cage and sit on either me or my friend's chest and eat his treat for the night. One night we were watching him eat his corn on the cob, and he always eats from left to right, row by row... he likes you to hold it for him and he puts his little front feet on it to hold it steady as he nibbles away.

    Another thing that all the piggies including Patches love are green beans, and again Patches likes to come out and eat his green beans on the bed... laying with someone so the human can hold them for him while he nibbles. When I put the green beans in their cages they all get so excited, I have to be careful that one of them doesn't bite my finger because they get so excited that they are getting green beans for their snack... I must admit that Patches and the whole family are extremely spoiled... but then, what else are they for but to love and care for and spoil rotten? Patches is a very loving, friendly piggie... he really has a personality. And of course he thinks he is special because he comes out to eat his snacks, and if I don't pick him up, he gets very upset and wheeks his little head off at me and stares at me, as they are next to my how can I resist the little cutie pie?

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