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July 13, 1999

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Ebony's Triumph, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ebony's Triumph
Age: Sixteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Arabian
Home: West Virginia, USA
   Just from first sight, ET is a special horse! We have yet to find anyone who dislikes this horse!! She's a doll. As is obvious from the pictures, you can do anything with old ET, and she takes it all in stride. Out of eleven horses, she's still listed as my favorite! She's patient and gentle, yet out on trail, she's got enough pep to satisfy the wildest rider! Which is what I love! Her owner, Johnny, usually rides her on trail, because she's the best one in the string of Arabians he owns. I work at the stables where he boards all of his horses, working for him, riding them, bathing, grooming, whatever is asked of me basically, so I call most of the horses "mine" now! But I love them all to death! And ET gets special treatment! Johnny had his grandson on ET when he was only three weeks old.

    You couldn't ask for a better horse, though sometimes she can be a bit spooky, she's a definite sweetheart!! She'll do it all with very little complaining. I've seen this old gal take on trail that would scare the most experienced horse, and she doesn't even hesitate! But that comes with the Arabians. Sure, they have a reputation for being high strung, but once you work with them, you'll never leave them! They've got a style, personality, and intelligence all their own, one that you can't beat with any other breed. I know, I've seen it tried. Need more proof? Need convinced? Come and meet ET ;-) Oh by the way, I'll be showing the stallion, Chazaq, (son of Negatraz, and ET's man!) at the West Virginia State Fair this year, and hopefully from there onto regional Arabian shows. Look for us in the Western Pleasure class. I would be showing ET in English there, but hopefully we'll be breeding her soon ;-) She also throws great babies!

    ET is a beautiful girl, one of the sweetest horses I've had the pleasure of being around, and she deserves to be in the spotlight for the day, because she's just one very special horse, to a lot of people. We love ya ET!

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