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July 8, 1999

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Pucky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pucky
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lovebird
Home: The Netherlands
   She is so special because she loves me so much and always gives me seeds! My lovebird Pucky is one year old since June 1999. First when I got her (I now know she is a female bird) she bit me very hard, but every day I took her out of the cage with my (bare!) hands and soon she started to become a bit tame. Now she is so tame that she almost is in love with me as a lovebird, ha ha!! She always (when I come near) wants to give me seeds, she loves to sit on my shoulder when I am working at my computer, she loves to sit on my scanner, monitor, play with the all the flexes around my PC. When she is out of her cage, she flies to me, wherever I go. If I go to my bathroom, she comes to me to the bathroom etc. I have to be very careful with her, because of windows and doors. I know that people in America get their bird's wings clipped but here in Holland this isn't usual at all. But I have had birds now for about fifteen years and never lost a bird because of their ability to fly! You'll find more about Pucky on my website.

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