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January 30, 1999

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Ronald, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ronald
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Glasgow, Scotland
   Ronald is a standard grey chinchilla aged eight months living in Glasgow, Scotland. He is very curious and loves to explore our home and chew our furniture and skirting boards. He is a bit of an escape artist and can open most locks! He is a high jumper and a fast runner. He will run from one end of the corridor to the other bouncing off the walls at high speed. He is affectionate and likes to sit on your lap or your shoulder and get his tummy scratched. However he doesn't like to be held for any length of time - no chinchilla does! He hides in the most unlikely places but will come back to you when you call his name.

    His favorite activity is to get a dust bath. If we forget it he will roll on the floor in front of us to remind us! After his bath he is very happy and jumps up in the air. Another thing he loves is a raisin as a treat. When I open the box he runs to the cage door and stares at me until he gets one. He sleeps most of the day and becomes active at around 7 pm. He makes lots of noises from squeaks to a loud bark when upset. He has many toys and the one he likes best is a long cardboard tube that provides him with hours of entertainment as a hiding place and a chew toy.

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