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January 27, 1999

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Dostoy, Sparkles, and Crystal, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dostoy, Sparkles, and Crystal
Age: Three, Two, One years old
Gender: Male, Female, Male
Kind: Parakeets
Home: Schaumburg, Illinois, USA
   My parakeets' names are Dostoy, Sparkles, and Crystal. Dostoy is three years old, Sparkles is two years old and Crystal is one year old. They all reside in Schaumburg, Illinois. Dostoy is male, Sparkles is female, and Crystal I thought was female, but I now believe is male.

    What makes my pets special is they are starting to imitate the birds on my bird clock! I originally bought the bird clock to entertain them when I wasn't at home, but then I noticed the bird clock sounds chirping when they weren't supposed to. Therefore I concluded that the birds were starting to imitate other birds due to repetition. So now some days it sounds like an aviary in my house.

    Please visit my web page for more bird pictures, please sign my guestbook.

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