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January 26, 1999

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Veronica Mae Cunningham, the Pet of the Day
Name: Veronica Mae Cunningham
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Vietnamese Potbellied Pig
Home: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
   This is Veronica Mae Cunningham. She is four years old today! She is a female Vietnamese Potbellied Pig. I think that she should be Pet of the Day because she is a wonderful pet and she also does a lot of volunteer work. She goes to nursing homes on a regular basis and visits the seniors. The seniors look forward to her visit and some even save something from their lunch for her. She also goes to schools and helps teaches the kids all about pigs as pets. She also volunteers her time at fundraising functions in our city. She is well known for her beautiful features, wonderful temperament and her tricks. She can sit, sit pretty, shake a hoof and she can even roll out the red carpet. Her pigture was done at Walmart. She is a pigstar all 130 pounds of pig flesh. She lives in our house and sleeps in our bed.

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