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January 24, 1999

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Banshee and Raven, the Pet of the Day
Name: Banshee, Raven
Age: Three, Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Albino, Sable Ferrets
Home: Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
   When I first saw Banshee, I was working in a local pet store. She had a bad sneeze and no one wanted to buy her, but she loved to sit on my shoulder while I worked at the register and walked around the store. I knew I had to have her, so I brought her home shortly thereafter. She loves toys that squeak and will follow you anywhere if you have one.

    I loved having her and played with her often, but with school and work, I feared she was getting bored during the day, so I went out and bought her a friend, Raven. Raven, though young, learned quickly that Banshee had her rules and space, and Raven accepted these and learned very quickly herself.

    Although Banshee loves her squeaky toys, Raven loves her cat treats and will climb mountains (and my leg) to get to them. But they both love rides on shoulders and tickling human ears and have been very good friends ever since. Though I think their most favorite pastime is teaming up against the cat. The cat always wins, but they all have fun in the process.

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