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January 22, 1999

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Agnes, the Pet of the Day
Name: Agnes
Age: One year, Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: College Station, Texas, USA
   I am one of four people I know that own a hedgehog in my town, so Agnes is certainly unique! She has the sweetest disposition (the vet said she was the nicest hedgie they'd ever seen!) and loves to meet new people. Her favorite activity is running around and exploring the house - and she'll like you even more if you have a tasty mealworm waiting for her at the end of the day!

    One of my dad's students had two hedgehogs, and when she went out of town for two weeks, I was asked to pet-sit. Needless to say, I fell in love! It was about a year before I got my own, though. Agnes is from a breeder in San Antonio, and my first and only hedgie - I've been bugging my dad for another, but he says that one "keeps us busy." Oh well. I wouldn't want Agnes to get jealous!!

    We tried to litterbox-train her, but somehow, she didn't seem interested... I don't think she ever got the hint. :) However, her house consists of a 2'x3' corral attached to the back of a pet carrier. Her sleeping tube is in the pet carrier, and she never uses the bathroom there. So I guess she's *sorta* figured something out... I let her run around my room, but she does more hiding in corners than running... however, she loves to run around the front yard and poke her nose into things. (Of course, I always watch her.)

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