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January 18, 1999

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Feebee and Rufus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Feebee, Rufus
Age: Four, Three years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Cinnamon, Sable Ferrets
Home: Charleston, South Carolina, USA
   Feebee and Rufus are both ferrets, one cinnamon, and one sable. Feebee is a girl, and Rufus is a boy. They are special because they are so good together and they are hilarious to watch. They hop around my house like crazy chasing after my cats. I never knew ferrets enjoyed the sand until I took them to the beach one day and watched them dig like they were two year olds pretending to build a sand castle. They were on leashes at the beach... my sisters and I dug all these tunnels that they climbed thru and dug in... of course, the only drawback to an evening playing in the sand was, a bath!!

    They are special because they are mine!

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