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January 17, 1999

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Painter, the Pet of the Day
Name: Painter
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Melbourne, Australia
   This is my guinea pig Painter. Painter is very cute and friendly. Painter was born on 1996 in May. My sister was outside going to feed Georgie and see looked inside the cage and there were three baby guinea pigs. She ran inside and shouted "Georgie has had three babies!" We ran out side and looked in the hatch. Painter, the most adventurous one, escaped behind the hatch and ran everywhere. Finally we caught her and put her back with her mother.

    A few weeks later we held them and named them. We picked Painter because of her color. Painter was a girl and the other two were boys, so we sold the two boys and kept Painter. Unfortunately, Georgie got blinded by a piece of hay, and died two years later. Painter was sad and depressed, so we got another guinea pig, Tess, to be with her. They got along very well... until Tess had babies, and Painter decided she needed to protect her own territory. So the little baby (Holly) who was born in December, is with her mum Tess in another hatch. Painter isn't in her hatch in this picture. We had to bring her in, because it was 40 degrees outside.

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