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January 9, 1999

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Timothy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Timothy
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Peruvian Guinea Pig
Home: New Jersey, USA
   Timothy is one year old. He's a Peruvian guinea pig, but we live in New Jersey. Timothy is just the most lovable piggie ever. He curls-up under my chin and snuggles and coos. He loves to be combed and brushed, that usually puts him to right to sleep!

    All Peruvian guinea pigs have long, in some cases, very long hair. Since I don't show him, I trim his hair to keep him comfortable. He does groom himself, sort of. But he loves to be brushed and combed. He lays on my lap and coos and sometimes even falls asleep while I do it...soooo cute!

    Timothy's favorite foods are apples, pears, romaine lettuce, and hay (timothy hay, of course!) When I put him in the piggie's play area at night he runs around, in and out of the PVC pipe, and plays with the cat toys (little balls with bells inside.) He stands up, as best he can, and begs for treats and he hates to get picked up and put back in his cage, oh well? He is a wonderful and loving pet. I have only had guinea pigs for about a year now, but they make the best pets...along with dogs...

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