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January 2, 1999

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Bubba, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bubba
Age: Six and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA
   My cockatiel, Bubba, is my best friend (next to my husband of course). I purchased Bubba when he was only thirteen weeks old. I think he has quite a personality. He whistles his version of "Tequila," does a cardinal call, can mimic a human sneeze(achoo), and of course, a wolf whistle. He says "Scratch, scratch Bubba bird" and when he wants attention, he climbs down to the bottom of his cage and calls "Bubba" repeatedly while pulling up his paper through the grate. He plays a game with this. He will go down to the bottom of his cage, pull the paper up then do his "frantic" call. When I enter the room, all is quiet and Bubba is hiding under the paper. I'll ask out loud, "Where is that Bubba bird?" He will be totally quiet with his tail sticking out from the paper. I then put my hand in his cage and he runs out from under the paper to "get" me. He is so much fun to be around.

    Bubba eats dinner with my husband and I and our pionus parrot, Syd. Bubba eats most everything. His favorites are pasta, mashed potatoes, 15-bean soup and scrambled eggs. He is very hearty and healthy. He loves to take a shower every weekend with me but is not too fond of being blown dried. Hands down I would have to say, cockatiels are probably the best pet bird. They have all the personality of a big bird in a little package! Come visit us at our website.

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