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February 26, 1999

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Shannon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Shannon
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Rhinocerous Iguana
Home: Maryland, USA
   My iguana's special because every time I open his cage he leans on my hand, and hints to be scratched. I took him to school several times, and he was calm and friendly, he let other people hold him, and pet him. When he's hungry, he lays his head on his food bowl, and gives me a piteous look. He also responds to his name. He deserves a treat and a reward for being so good, and he's had to go through a lot.

    I decided to get Shannon as a pet because I saw him in the pet store, and he looked sooo lonely, so I begged my mom to let me bring him home, and she said yes. He was my first iguana, but I've had more since I first got him. The other iguana I have right now is a fairly frisky and unfriendly female green iguana. She lives right next to Shannon, her name is Shanna.

    Shannon is called a Rhinocerous Iguana - they usually have two horns on their noses, but Shannon, being very active all of the time, got them caught on his log, so they were damaged, then fell off, but they are growing back now.

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