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February 25, 1999

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Squeaky, the Pet of the Day
Name: Squeaky
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Goffins Cockatoo
Home: College Park, Maryland, USA
   This is Squeaky, one of my twenty birds. Squeaky is a three and a half year old Goffins Cockatoo. We think Squeaky is a boy. Squeaky loves to hang upside down, sway back and forth, swing on his swing and he is just learning to talk! Along with twenty birds, we have seven dogs, so we have quite a zoo! Squeaky has learned to call three of the dogs by name and Squeaky loves to shout squeaky as loud as he can!

    In the summer time, I clip Squeaky's wings so he can go outside with me. We walk the dogs at night with Squeaky perched on my shoulder. He loves to look up at the stars, his eyes get really wide as if he were in awe of it all! Squeaky doesn't play with my other birds but he loves to shriek at them. He prefers human company the best! Squeaky eats all kinds of nutritional food, veggies, fruits, bird pellets, etc. But his favorite food is monkey biscuits and pizza, which he gets occasionally. Squeaky is a great bird and we are crazy about him!

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