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February 24, 1999

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Sharifa Wahda, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sharifa Wahda
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Egyptian Arabian
Home: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA
   This is my horse, Sharifa Wahda, who just turned two years old on January 19, 1999. She is an Egyptian Arabian horse (a rare type of Arabian), and lives near me in Texas, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    If you've never had a baby horse before (and I never had), they're a lot of work and a lot of fun! When I got her she knew how to lead, but that's about all. We've had a lot of lessons in patience that are still going on: me, in taking it one very small step at a time, and Sharifa in learning to stand quietly when tied and being groomed, to lift up her feet one by one (without kicking at me) so I can clean them, to let scary things like blankets stay on her back, and on and on. She's very affectionate and comes when she's called. She also knows very well the bucket that the carrots come in, and that she always gets treats after her lessons! Having a young horse isn't for everyone, but for me Sharifa's been a terrific addition to my pet family.

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