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February 23, 1999

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Willie Goat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Willie Goat
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Nubian Goat
Home: Kentucky, USA
   No! Goats do not eat tin cans...well at least this one doesn't! As a matter of record, goats tend to be very picky eaters. They seem to prefer what the cows may overlook, the tasty broad leaf weeds, cedar trees (they seem to find the bark particularly tasty!), and just about anything prickly for some reason! Willie is just one of many special pets at the "petting zoo" we call home. She has the features of a Nubian -- ie the droopy ears and "Roman" nose, but she is not full Nubian stock. She enjoys her surroundings with her sibling (pictured laying down not facing us!) Domino, and the rest of the herd. If you are looking for a great pet, and have the acreage -- try a goat. If raised from kids they will follow you like puppies and they will keep your lawn very manicured! :-)

    Willie is short for Wilhemina -- her sire is BillE so I thought that WilliE was an appropriate nickname for his offspring (besides Wilhemina seems so formal for the barnyard!) We started with one "billy" and one "nanny", and have built our herd from that point. I'm not really sure what the optimum Goat to Acreage ratio is, but we currently have nine adults and four kids on 6.5 acres and they seem to have plenty of space to roam and "browse" for food. This whole goat "hobby" was born from a joke I made after we purchased our 6.5 acres... my husband wanted to know how we were going to keep the grass/weeds mowed and I told him "we'll just have to get a few goats." Well, it wasn't long after that a few "friends" of ours got together and presented us with our wonderful pets!! My husband of course was mad, I of course was instantly a goat freak! The cedar bark is probably a treat for them...looking through the tree line on our "goat ranch" you see all the cedars, bare of the bark up to the point the goats can reach standing on their back legs...but they haven't killed one yet! :-)

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