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February 22, 1999

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Tinkerbell, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tinkerbell
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Savannah, Georgia, USA
   This is my Umbrella Cockatoo, Tinkerbell. She's the light of my life and my surrogate child. I've had her since she was two months old and I can't remember how I ever managed without her. She can say a few things like her name, and I love you. Her best features are her affectionate nature and easy going manner. She's loves to cuddle!

    She can say Hello, I love you Pretty bird, Tinkerbell, and Okay. She has picked up most from hearing them all the time. She calls Tinkerbell when I leave the room. It's almost like she thinks I'm Tinkerbell. There really isn't anyone around to "call" for me so that she learns my name. I have no idea where she learned Okay!

    She loves to impress the bird in the mirror. I have a skylight in the bathroom that she can see her reflection in at night. She's been trying to scare that bird away for a year now. She loves to spend time in her play tree outside while its warm and take showers from the hose. Of course, she has a harness on when she is outside. One of our favorite pastimes is snuggling in bed and watching a movie.

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