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February 20, 1999

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AbbyD, the Pet of the Day
Name: AbbyD
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Royal White
Home: Fort Myers, Florida, USA
   This is AbbyD. She is a four-year-old Royal White and lives in Florida. AbbyD is the leader of three other house pigs and is the apple of our eye. She sleeps right beside our bed every night and loves to be talked to. She is very vocal and will talk as long as you talk to her. She was our second pig and a rescue but pigs have a pecking order and she is top hog around this house.

    AbbyD Shakes hands and sits on command and loves to push her Manna Ball around. It is a large ball with holes in it and we put pellets in it and as she pushes it, they fall out. She has a lot of personality and loves people and loves to talk, making all kinds of sounds and grunts and squeals when anybody will listen. She comes and goes outside whenever she wants through a dog door and she gets baths about once a month.

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