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February 15, 1999

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JoJo, the Pet of the Day
Name: JoJo
Age: 20 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Standard Gray Chinchilla
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   JoJo is 20 months old. He is a standard gray chinchilla. JoJo is a very sweet chinchilla and even knows his name. He will come when I call his name. JoJo is also very smart and knows how to open doors. He loves to play in the bath room but isn't allowed in there. JoJo will jump against the door over and over again until it pops open. He then checks to see if I'm watching before he goes in.

    JoJo is not a snuggler but will come and jump on me when he's out for his run. He likes to sit on my shoulder. I don't know what he is chewing on in the picture, but he takes everything - pens, pencils, toy cars (matchbox type), dog toys, and anything else that isn't nailed down. He looks so funny as he hops away upright on his back feet carrying a pen or what ever. He is pretty good at letting me retrieve the object and only sometimes will take it and run off when I try to get it. I'm not sure what interests him so much about the bathroom. It is probably just because he knows he's not supposed to. Typical boy.

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