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February 13, 1999

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Jeremy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jeremy
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Short-Hair Guinea Pig
Home: New Jersey, USA
   This is Jeremy. He's nine months old. He's a short-hair guinea pig. He is my little devil. He sometimes nips at me, loves to dump and drag his food bowl around his cage, no matter how heavy it is, wheeps constantly for timothy hay and carrots, but he is a little cutie.

    I got Jeremy from a pet store. He was the smallest guinea pig in the cage and all the big piggies were picking on, I just had to have him so I could give him a good home.

    From the beginning he was a very vocal piggie. He could (and still can) hear me coming up the stairs and I am greeted to loud wheeps of joy. I'd like to think it was because he was excited to see me...but I think it's the fact that he knows he's going to get food...and if I don't come to his cage first, he stands in the corner and chews on the bars to let me know he's hungry! His favorite foods are romaine lettuce, celery or dandelion leaves and apple. He also loves timothy hay and his pellets. Lately his big trick is to dump his food bowl all over the floor. I have tried using a bigger crock bowl...but boy is he strong! He just puts his foot on the side of the bowl and over it goes!

    As you can see from his picture, he loves to play! The farmhouse is a special place for him. When he's tired of running around the play area, he just sits in there to rest. He knows when he's out of his cage, it's treat time and he is very good at standing up and begging, which is very cute...a true Kodak moment! He loves to be held and combed. He just stretches out on his side and puts his head under my chin and sometimes even goes to sleep. Jeremy is quite a character and very, very special to me.

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