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February 12, 1999

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Cloud Dancer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cloud Dancer
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian, Welsh Mix
Home: Bristol, Virginia, USA
   Cloud Dancer is almost three years old (he will be three on May 5.) He lives in Bristol Va. He is a red roan stud colt. In the small picture, he is with his mother, Angel. He was only five days old. He is very gentle. He is very playful. Cloudy is special because I raised him from a baby. I trained him to ride and taught him how to be spoiled rotten. He was also raised and handled by my thirteen-year-old daughter.

    He is going to be a large pony. His mother is an Arabian mare and his father is a welsh-cross pony. The larger photo was taken early fall, and he was still showing a lot of his "baby fat." He will continue to "frost" with age. He has always been a very mischievous colt and a wonderful clown. He loves to play "kickball," carry sticks in his mouth, climb the steps to come in the house and, as a baby, his favorite thing was to fall asleep on our sidewalk and use my daughter"s lap as a pillow. He has always been very willing and eager to learn and has always been a loved member of the family.

    You can visit him on our webpage.

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