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February 10, 1999

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QT, (Sweetie, Hyper, Pip), the Pet of the Day
Name: QT, (Sweetie,
Hyper, Pip)
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: White Dwarf Rabbits
Home: Western Australia, Australia
   These bunnies belong to my sister. She's really proud of her rabbits! The rabbits are all domestic white dwarf rabbits... I'm not so sure of their species though! They all live in Western Australia! Their Mum, QT, is one and a half years old (in the picture) and the dad is named Cyke (because he was really active).

    Their three children are called:

    Sweetie.... because she reminded us of her mother the most and was all white like a marshmallow! She was also the biggest!

    Hyper.... because he reminded us of his dad, he was always the one exploring and when you put him on your shirt he would run all over you! Not to mention that he thinks my mum's hand is a toilet, as soon as she holds him he lets loose and she goes screaming into the toilet to wash her hand! hehehe

    Pip.... he was the smallest and the last to open his eyes! He's my favorite and he likes me better then his mother!! He prefers my hand to his mother's touch! He is also the only one that comes straight to my hand when I put it down!! Oh what a long letter! Anyway they're really cute, and as soon as it's feeding time everyone stops and watches the rabbits!

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