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February 6, 1999

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Nicodemus, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nicodemus
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Grade Horse
Home: Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA
   Nic is technically not mine yet, but I am saving up to buy him in September. We just share a special bond, I love him very much :) Nicodemus is very special. He really protects his rider... well particularly just me. One time we were out in a rainstorm and it got pitch black and there were four other riders with us. Their horses would not budge and Nic kinda took the lead and showed them the way - he was playing super man. He is also an abused horse which I am buying to get him out of there.... even though he's had like no training, he really picked up what I wanted him to do. He performs exceptionally well for his age and experiences.

    He doesn't know many tricks except for that he ate a camera once... and I don't know how he got it out of my pocket, that takes a con artist! :) I ride him all the time, although he's not mine, I've been working with him for about three years now. I have been saving up to buy him ever since I met him. No one else besides me has really ever considered him very special... just a "head in the herd" but he's definitely special if I like him as much to save my hard-earned money for him (which is hard to get before you're 16).

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