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February 3, 1999

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Bunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bunny
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: White Mosaic Chinchilla
Home: Wisconsin, USA
   Bunny is six months old. I think she is a very special pet. She is very nosy and inquisitive and it seems like she is always listening to what is going on around her. If I were to give JoJo, my other chinchilla, a raisin while she is sleeping, she instantly wakes up to make sure that she isn't missing out on any thing. She loves to run around and bounce off the walls and knock things over. She also like to take my cocker spaniels toys.

    Bunny is a White Mosaic and has just a hit of gray on her face and hip. Looks like she ran into a chalk board of gray chalk. She is really a cutie pie and really sweet. However she does rule the cage she shares with JoJo. She makes sure that she gets what she wants even if it means pushing JoJo out of the way. Bunny is six months old now, almost seven. She will probably get a little bigger. I am hoping she and JoJo will make me a grandmother later this year.

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