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George the Green Iguana George
Green Iguana
February 01, 1999

Ruckus the White Bellied Caique Ruckus
White Bellied Caique
Lexington Park, Maryland, USA
February 02, 1999

Bunny the White Mosaic Chinchilla Bunny
White Mosaic Chinchilla
Wisconsin, USA
February 03, 1999

Loupe the Sun Conure Loupe
Sun Conure
Florida, USA
February 04, 1999

Chubzuri the African Pygmy Hedgehog Chubzuri
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Ontario, Canada
February 05, 1999

Nicodemus the Grade Horse Nicodemus
Grade Horse
Maple Grove, Minnesota, USA
February 06, 1999

Hashbrown the Parakeet Hashbrown
Orlando, Florida, USA
February 07, 1999

Igor the Ferret Igor
Milan, Italy
February 08, 1999

GeeBee the Hamster GeeBee
Redondo Beach, California, USA
February 09, 1999

QT the White Dwarf Rabbits QT
White Dwarf Rabbits
Western Australia, Australia
February 10, 1999

Abby the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Abby
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
February 11, 1999

Cloud the Arabian, Welsh Mix Cloud
Arabian, Welsh Mix
Bristol, Virginia, USA
February 12, 1999

Jeremy the Short Hair Guinea Pig Jeremy
Short Hair Guinea Pig
New Jersey, USA
February 13, 1999

Taz the Macaw Taz
Queens, New York, USA
February 14, 1999

JoJo the Standard Gray Chinchilla JoJo
Standard Gray Chinchilla
Wisconsin, USA
February 15, 1999

Coon the Sable Ferret Coon
Sable Ferret
Yellowknife, Canada
February 16, 1999

Lisa Marie, Robbie the Tortoises Lisa Marie, Robbie
San Antonio, Texas, USA
February 17, 1999

Jade the Blue Front Amazon Jade
Blue Front Amazon
February 18, 1999

Rooh the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rooh
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Ontario, Canada
February 19, 1999

AbbyD the Royal White Pig AbbyD
Royal White Pig
Fort Myers, Florida, USA
February 20, 1999

Monster the Savannah Monitor Lizard Monster
Savannah Monitor Lizard
Elkhart, Indiana, USA
February 21, 1999

Tinkerbell the Umbrella Cockatoo Tinkerbell
Umbrella Cockatoo
Savannah, Georgia, USA
February 22, 1999

Willie Goat the Goat Willie Goat
Kentucky, USA
February 23, 1999

Sharifa Wahda the Egyptian Arabian Sharifa Wahda
Egyptian Arabian
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA
February 24, 1999

Squeaky the Goffins Cockatoo Squeaky
Goffins Cockatoo
College Park, Maryland, USA
February 25, 1999

Shannon the Rhinocerous Iguana Shannon
Rhinocerous Iguana
Maryland, USA
February 26, 1999

Fatso the Champagne Siamese Ferret Fatso
Champagne Siamese Ferret
State College, Pennsylvania, USA
February 27, 1999

Virgil the Little Brown Bat Virgil
Little Brown Bat
Nova Scotia, Canada
February 28, 1999

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