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December 17, 1999

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Tootie Darling, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tootie Darling
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Potbelly Pig
Home: Miami, Florida, USA
   Tootie Darling is a very special little girl! She is very intelligent, and always gets her way! The story begins like this: Tootie was left on a abandoned farm, along with ten of her brothers and sisters. Luckily I was very fortunate to have gone and visit this farm and saw these poor little pigs starving to death. I immediately went online for help and found these wonderful people John and Cindy, owners of the George L. Davis potbelly pig sanctuary, and told them the situation, and they immediately came and rescued all the ten pigs, except for Tootie because the owner of the place wouldn't release her to them. Tootie's owner at the time said he would be responsible for her and as much as I pleaded with him, he wouldn't give her up. Well, time went on, and he no longer cared for Tootie and gave her to another person, which didn't feed her either and she got really skinny and was even kicked by one of the horses leaving her without being able to walk for a month. I would always ask about her, but they never wanted to give her up! Well, until one good day, I said enough is enough! I went to where Tootie was and I took her! The guy who cared for the animals at this farm was so glad, cause he knew I would take very good care of her. I had a few words with the owner of the last farm Tootie was in, but oh well it was worth it, if the final result was for me to keep Tootie!

    Now Tootie is the Princess at my farm. She was originally named Tootie, but I have extended her name to Tootie Darling, cause she sure is a Darling. She is so appreciative of me having rescued her, she is very sweet and loving in return. She loves all the rest of the animals at the farm, and she even has her little pig speech she does when she wants things, which of course she always gets her way!!!!!!!! I love her so much! In the small picture, this is during a really bad flood we got during Hurricane Irene. But of course Tootie loves to swim, and play in the water. Tootie now is one happy potbelly pig, eating all she can, getting treats for good behavior, and most of all receiving lots of love which she needed!

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